Glorify God

How can the magnificent Temple become a rubble? Is God not pleased with just the beauty and the decoration of the structure? Was God in pain to see His people in rebellion and then in distress? Jer 52:12-30
Lord, before we showcase our artifacts or monuments which we created or preserved for Your name sake, we commit to order our lives so that we will delight in You and obeying You.

Lord, we do not want to be blind to believe that only our great achievements or monuments display Your glory rather we admit that we glorify You when we complete the work You have given us.



How do we value being rich in godliness? Or do we value riches and wealth? What do we pursue: enjoyment or God? 1Tim 6:6-21


Lord, our goal in life is neither to be wealthy nor poor but to be godly and content and to trust in You who provide everything for our enjoyment.

Lord, forgive us for at times we sought enjoymen outside of Your parameters, forgetting that for all who trust in You, You provide what is needed for enjoyment in this life and in the coming age.