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Always in Your Radar

What happens when a tragedy hits a home which cares for you? What if the people see you as the reason? Who is there for you if it occurs in a foreign land?

Lord, Your are our stronghold wherever I lodge so who else but You can we turn in trails.

Lord, others may see us as the reason for their problems, but we turn to You because we are always in Your radar.


Singing While in Pain

How can we sing in the midst of pain? Besides, if we don’t know whether we will live or not, why do we sing? What is our song in such a situation?

Lord, give us the determination of Your people who praised You at all times, even as they faced death.

Lord, when we are in danger, in sorrow, in pain, and /or in death many unanswered questions fill our minds, but let us turn to You with prayer and singing. Acts 16:22-28

Can We Protect His Promises

How soon do we forget His goodness? Do you fear that people can take away His promises for our lives? Can we protect His promises by sinning against Him and His people?

Lord, in order to protect Your promises, we take steps according to  human understanding and we sin against You but we forget to honor You who make our lot secure; forgive us.

Lord, in our urgency to protect Your promises in our lives, we often turn to human understanding and forget that You who have promised is faithful and we just need to honor You.

Walk towards the Beautiful Future

What God promises, He does, but why can’t we do the conditions He has set? Even when He has drawn the picture of our beautiful future, why can’t we keep the conditions? Why can’t we perceive the blessed future of our generations along with God?

Lord, we plan and develop schemes to conquer obstacles in the natural world, but often we fail to overcome hindrances in us in the  spiritual realm which actually channel Your blessings for our future.

Lord, forgive us as we use our resources  to overcome hindrances in our natural world towards a blessed future but we forget to love You, the One who has already masterminded a beautiful picture of our future.

The God Who Fulfills Our Dream

How has God fulfilled people’s desire to honor God? Who are we that God would fulfill our dreams for His glory?  Why do people dream such things for God?

Lord, let our mind always wander around You and Your work in our generation so that our dreams will reflect Your glory.

Lord, who are we that You honor and bless our dreams for You which are always be small compared to Your majesty.

Being With God verses Doing Things for God

Do great achievements for God guarantee our continual walk with God? Do we value tangible things we do for God more than our walk before Him with integrity of heart? What happens when we miss the latter and continue to create tangible things for God?

Lord, generally people appreciate what they can see and touch but may we value times when You meet us daily so that we could see Your beauty.

Lord, we cherish our time with You when we are recharged to walk before You with integrity of heart more than any great monuments we could build for Your name.

Blessings in Other’s Life

How will you respond to your loss in the light of a blessing in your friend’s life? Will your grief lead you to God? Or will it generate in you apathy? 1 Kgs 3:16-28

Lord, in the midst of grief and loss may our hearts never miss to see how You see others.

Lord, in loss and grief, let our response to the blessings in others’ lives be grounded in our trust in You, the Alpha and Omega.

We Need You, Lord

What could we ask other than wisdom to help us to walk uprightly before God? What is that stops us from walking in the ways of the Lord or obeying God? Will one or a few costly sacrifice and offering help us for our daily renewal? I Kgs 3

Lord, none of Your gifts can replace our need for You,-Your presence, and Your power in our lives, so more than any gift we seek You as our reward.

Lord, we realize that no gift is a substitute for your presence, power, and purpose in our lives to direct our paths to walk uprightly before You and obey You.

Trail Blazer

What is the one less travelled path which God is asking you to walk today? What if many others cannot see it as you see? Whose attestation is of significance to us? Acts 10

almost invisible between the moss covered stems of trees on mount kemiri in the leuser national park in northern sumatra.

Lord, even when we don’t have any clarity about  why you chose us to journey through the less traveled path, give us grace to blaze the trail with humility.

Lord, to be a trail blazer is Your calling, so may we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit each moment of the way.

Who Gets Credit?

What kind of emotions arise in us as we see talented people to support our interest? Will we delight in them or will we delight in the Lord? Whose hand  brings protection and whose hand brings calamity? 2 Sam 23:23-24:17

Lord, we acknowledge that talented people among us are placed among us for Your credit,  forgive us if we ever tend to see them for our credit.

Lord, let our hearts never delight in the talented people among us because it is You who gave them to us and You who direct our ways to success.

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