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Relationship with God, people and the rest of creation enable us to thrive in life. This is an area that we can always improve. It is my prayer that as you read this blog your relationship in all these dimensions will be enriched and deepened towards a flourishing life.

This blog is primarily on relationship in marriage and family to highlight our roles and responsibilities as spouses, parents, and children. p102125859959.jpg

My goal is to be an equipper and reconciler through compassionate teaching and prayer. My husband Alexi and I pastor Adoor Vineyard along with teaching at Faith Theological Seminary. After securing M. Sc., B. Ed (Mathematics), I pursued theological education. B. D. and M. Th. (Christian Education, UTC, Bangalore) and Ph. D. in Educational Studies (Biola University, CA).   Post Graduate Diploma in Child Family Adolescent Counselling from Kerala University have broaden my vision of life and people . I am blessed with three adult children Nathan and his wife Anugraha and Sharon.

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