The Power of Your Presence

What is it that makes us afraid? Is it the darkest valley? Or evil along the path? Or Hurdles along the path? Or is it the unrest you experience? Ps 23

Lord, we often come across fear of uncertainty whether because of the darkness in the valley,  evil along the path, or unrest we experience, but let us seek Your presence to be our comforting, leading, and restoring Shepherd.

Lord, let not the darkest valley, or unrest and evil along the paths blind us from the sight of Your leading, comforting and empowering presence


An Invitation

Why does God give all the laws? Why is He concerned about all aspects of our lives? What is His ultimate goal about His people? Exo 22:31

Lord, we realize that all Your laws and stipulations are an invitation to be a holy people unto You.

Lord, we uphold obedience to Your Word as it is Your invitation to make us a Holy people.

My God Forever

How do our  understanding of our dependence in God in our adulthood can be translated into our trust in God ? Can we claim Him to be our God before our birth? What about during our infancy when we were helpless and defenseless? Ps 22:6-11

Lord, You have been our God when we were dependent on other human beings for our survival, and now we are older and stronger but still we see You as our only defense.

Lord, I didn’t know You during my infancy and before, but knowing who You are to me now, I declare that You have been my defender and refuge ever since I were in our mother’s womb.

Will You Pray for More Miracles or More Faith?

How many miracles do we need to completely trust Him?  Are we looking to be perfect before we go with Jesus into our communities?  Don’t you think the power of Jesus can transform us as we step out of the doubting framework ? Matt 28:16-20

Lord, to call us to share in Your mission even when we lack faith is Your way of showing us that we can do nothing without You.

Lord, thank You for inviting us and affirming us with Your authority and presence to share in Your mission with immediacy and purpose even after You have understood our frame of reference.

When Fear is about to Rob the Passion

What if there is big drawback after a great victory? Will God who gave us the victory leave us? Or will we be so afraid that we are ready to give up serving God? Exod 14:10-20

Lord, let not panic swallow up the awe, wonder and amazement we have in You and Your might works so that serving You will always be our passion.

Lord, when fear have robbed all delight and passion to serve You, thank You because You will do not let us wander off on our own rather You let us again experience Your might and love

Eternal Purpose

What will you say about the one who did many miracles but couldn’t save oneself? Isn’t it extraordinary deliverance as a sign of God’s favor? What makes you not to pray for that and to trust in God’s providence? Matt  27:11-61

Lord, we generally prefer momentary relief from our struggles to the unfolding of eternal purpose; give us peace to pray, “not as I will, but as You will.”

Lord, let us pray to daily see Your glory and grace so that we can let go of certain insistence that You should work in a particular way.

His Nudging Voice and Hand

How have your insecurities prevented you from moving on with the task of God? How have broken spirit and life situations hindered you from believing God? What are the other limiting situations that make you slow to respond to God? Exo 5,6

Lord, we acknowledge that broken dreams and hardships can deplete us of all hope and faith; thank You for Your nudging hand and voice which reminds us of Your covenant and envision us to be part of Your dream.

Lord, even when we forget Your covenant and carry shattered dreams and broken spirit, You not only remember us but also become our Immanuel to lead with Your mighty hand and voice towards Your promise.