Taking Risks

Is it common to take risks even for a personal matter? How many people we know have chose to walk towards death when their lives could have been protected?  Which is common to face death out of despair or for a cause that matters to God? Esther 4-5

Lord, many boldly took risks for Your sake not knowing whether their lives will be spared or not; give us grace to teach others with faith and valor that value of life is not in its longevity but in obeying You.

Lord, let us be counted among those who have faced dangerous situation only for Your glory with peace knowing that You are in control and “all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Esther 4,5


Dipped in Your Love

Can we work hard without love? Can we be passionate about right doctrine and right actions without love? Can we preserve without growing weary without love? Rev 2:1-7

Lord, we realise that hard work, right doctrine, right actions and perseverance are significant but you look beyond all these to see how we do all these with love in our hearts, so we repent, let our actions be dipped in love.

Lord, often our lack of first love goes unnoticed in things we do in Your name like hard work, preserving right doctrine and right practices, or persevering without growing weary, we repent, please once again soak us in your live.

Our Greater Joy

What gives us greater joy- celebration, honour, popularity, achievements? How will we express that we give priority to someone’s walk with the Lord over attaining success or honour?  How do we communicate our joy when we see our children walking in the truth? 2 John 4; 3 John 3-4.

Lord, there are a lot of things to find delight in this world but let us find greater joy in that which heaven rejoices-when our sons and daughters repent and they continue to walk in repentance.

Lord, a lot of things crowd our hearts to give us joy-success, popularity, honour in our children’s lives but our greater joy is always to see our children walking in repentance.

Seeking You

Do our spiritual eyes seek to see what God is doing now or to hear what He is speaking now? If we are immersed in the things of the physical realm, who will communicate God’s plan to the world? How can we encourage others to become a community who long to “do what the Father is doing?” Zech 1-4

Lord, forgive us we often get engrossed in the mundane things so that  things of this earth grow fairly bright, thus blinding our eyes from You.

Lord, let there be a heart cry among Your people to be Your spokesman and spokeswoman who clearly see and hear You as they choose to see the things of this earth as strangely dim.

Glorify God

How can the magnificent Temple become a rubble? Is God not pleased with just the beauty and the decoration of the structure? Was God in pain to see His people in rebellion and then in distress? Jer 52:12-30
Lord, before we showcase our artifacts or monuments which we created or preserved for Your name sake, we commit to order our lives so that we will delight in You and obeying You.

Lord, we do not want to be blind to believe that only our great achievements or monuments display Your glory rather we admit that we glorify You when we complete the work You have given us.


How do we value being rich in godliness? Or do we value riches and wealth? What do we pursue: enjoyment or God? 1Tim 6:6-21


Lord, our goal in life is neither to be wealthy nor poor but to be godly and content and to trust in You who provide everything for our enjoyment.

Lord, forgive us for at times we sought enjoymen outside of Your parameters, forgetting that for all who trust in You, You provide what is needed for enjoyment in this life and in the coming age.