When We Are Silenced

What kind of stories have silenced you or shattered your integrity? When you have to swallow every pain in loneliness, will we cling to Him? Have you wondered why there are unending problems in life? Gen 39

Lord, even when all the stories that have been framed to question our integrity are being echoed and re-echoed, make us part of Your story in our generation.

Lord, You be our voice and hiding place when many frame stories to silence us and to question our integrity.


Carry the Dream

Where have your dreams taken you? Why does  carrying the God given dreams cause hurdles? Will you let of of our integrity for survival?
Gen 37

Lord, sometimes carrying Your dream can deplete our strength, but let it burn like fire in our bones so that our eyes will be fixed on the dream-giver.

Lord, when You deposit Your dream in us, let us also see the strength and grace available to us so that we will face threatening situations with peace.
Gen 37

Your Hand

What would have been our life if God hadn’t intervened when shame and terror was over us? Why did he do so even when we were at fault? How often we thank God for such times in which God protected us supernaturally? Gen 34, 35:1-14

Lord, again and again we are reminded about Your hand upon us and our situations to supernaturally lead us to the destiny when we really didn’t deserve it.

Lord, repeatedly we confess that it is Your mercy, not our merit which has redirected our course to reach our promise even when we were drifting away from the path.


Will long years of separation heal hurt and pain? Why does someone come with a large group to welcome you? What has caused the person to  have a tender heart to you? Gen 32:22-32 33

Lord, we believe that as we are changed by our encounter with You, You work in our circumstances to protect us from all danger and snare.

Lord, instead of seeking Your face for protection from those we have hurt, we seek You for an encounter with You so that we will let go of all our tricks of survival.

Stirring our Nest

What has God done to make us uncomfortable so that we could walk into our destiny? Is increase making you forget God’s plan for your lives? How will we respond to the situation when He is disturbing us? Gen 30

Lord, thank You for making us uncomfortable to remind us that we are not to settle down where there is a prosperity, but to pay a price to walk to our destiny.

Lord, when our temporary success delay us to take steps to walk to our destiny, thank You for the people You place in our lives to disturb us to seek Your face; we never want to hold unforgiveness towards such people.

We Join with You!

Have you wondered why God would confront a  person whom we think as not worthy of His forgiveness?  They may reap what they sow, but why God would give them a chance to change the destiny? Have you become like Jonah in this matter? Gen 28:10-20

Lord, we don’t understand fully all that You do in this world: so when You mould someone whom we see as less worthy of Your grace, we want to be Your finger, Your feet, Your eyes and ears in the process.

Lord, when You choose a person to shape him/her to play a pedestal role in the Kingdom of God, we don’t want to rebel against You just because we don’t agree with Your choice of the person

His Presence

If God is with us, will others initiate dispute? When our neighbors react to us because God has blessed us, how will we respond? Do you think God is watching over us, when we wander looking for a place to settle? Gen 26:12-25

Lord, we don’t have to understand why we face difficulties and disagreements, but one thing we ask is that we don’t want to do or say anything to cause You to remove Your presence from us.

Lord, we value Your presence more than riches or peace with neighbours, so we order our motives, conversation, and action in such a way that Your presence will be our leading companion.