Stirring our Nest

What has God done to make us uncomfortable so that we could walk into our destiny? Is increase making you forget God’s plan for your lives? How will we respond to the situation when He is disturbing us? Gen 30

Lord, thank You for making us uncomfortable to remind us that we are not to settle down where there is a prosperity, but to pay a price to walk to our destiny.

Lord, when our temporary success delay us to take steps to walk to our destiny, thank You for the people You place in our lives to disturb us to seek Your face; we never want to hold unforgiveness towards such people.


We Join with You!

Have you wondered why God would confront a  person whom we think as not worthy of His forgiveness?  They may reap what they sow, but why God would give them a chance to change the destiny? Have you become like Jonah in this matter? Gen 28:10-20

Lord, we don’t understand fully all that You do in this world: so when You mould someone whom we see as less worthy of Your grace, we want to be Your finger, Your feet, Your eyes and ears in the process.

Lord, when You choose a person to shape him/her to play a pedestal role in the Kingdom of God, we don’t want to rebel against You just because we don’t agree with Your choice of the person

His Presence

If God is with us, will others initiate dispute? When our neighbors react to us because God has blessed us, how will we respond? Do you think God is watching over us, when we wander looking for a place to settle? Gen 26:12-25

Lord, we don’t have to understand why we face difficulties and disagreements, but one thing we ask is that we don’t want to do or say anything to cause You to remove Your presence from us.

Lord, we value Your presence more than riches or peace with neighbours, so we order our motives, conversation, and action in such a way that Your presence will be our leading companion.

Carrying the Vision of the Godly

When a godly person entrusts you with responsibility, how will you respond? Will we  depend on God for direction? Can we pray for success in our day to day activities? Gen 24

Lord, when You place us  strategically to carry out dreams of godly people, we will do it diligently with continued trust in God; give us success.

Lord, if we are called just to carry out dreams You have given to godly people, give us humility and submission to fulfill it; You will reward the faithfulness of such people.

The Author

Who gives us strength to do what is needed? When we have no one to share our concerns but only God to seek counsel, will we be at peace? Since we don’t know the last chapter of our story, how will we live each day? Gen 21-23

Lord, thank You for the privilege of growing old with You, different days of our lives bring to us surprises or hurdles, but we allow You to be the author of our story line.

Lord, we do not know the last chapter of our story line and its repercussions, but as long as You are the author, our story will become Your Story-a story of Your goodness and faithfulness; so each day we fix our eyes on You and obey You

When He Visits

When the Lord or angels visit your house, what will be their message? If you could choose, who do you want to visit: the Lord or angels? When the Lord or an angel shares a burden, what will be your response? Gen 18:16-33, Gen 19.

Lord, we are not satisfied by mere angelic protection but we want to abide in You so that we will share in Your burden for people and nations  and respond with intercession.

Lord, when You share Your burden for people and nations, let our hearts carry Your concern for their salvation so that we will remain standing in Your presence to intercede.

Your Visit

Why does God wait to give an answer till we feel like “worn out” or “old”? When one day feels like 100 days what will we do? Will He visit us with the answer for which we ask, seek, and knock? Gen 18:10-15, Matt 7: 7-12

Lord, today be the day of Your visit to reinstate us, to reassure Your promise, to rekindle hope in You before we sink into more temptation, desperation, and confusion.

Lord, when we feel “worn out” and “old” You not only surprise us with Your visit but also rekindle in us the passion to be Yours and to stay in Your plan.