He Will Lead us

Have you felt weak because others have sought to do evil for your promotion? How will you stay clear of the consequences of such actions? Who is your stronghold to fulfill the promises of God? 2Sam 3:22-4:12

Lord, when we feel weak because those around us are quick to react, we turn to You to lead us in the way everlasting.

Lord, we want to stay clear of all wrongdoing as we walk towards fulfillment of Your promise because the One who promised is just and righteous and  He desires to lead us in the way everlasting to fulfill the promise.


Have our words widen the gaps between our brothers or sisters? Or have them build bridges between people who cannot see an end to their differences? What prevents us from being bridge-builders? 2 Sam 2:24-28

Lord, forgive us often our insecurities, fear of rejection, or it may be apathy which prevent us from speaking up in a situation to build bridges between people who cannot see an end to their conflicts.

Lord, give us the courage and love for Your people so that our words will not widen the gap between people but build bridges between them.

Promotion but Mourning

How do we decide if it is good news or bad news? What if it has to do with something  to promote you at the expense of the defeat of God’s people? What does it say about a person who can not only lead an army, but also can lead  mourning and fast at the event which leads to the  elevation of the person? 2 Sam 1

Lord, may we always carry Your heart to see that the defeat of Your people is our defeat even when it pave the way for our promotion.

Lord, create a right spirit in us to mourn and fast at the defeat of Your people even when the event is crucial to the fulfillment of Your promise in us.

Our Gifts

Have we given permission to Jesus to demand anything from us at any given time? What is the expensive thing that we can give Him without Him asking us? What if others consider as a fool for welcoming Jesus like these? Mark 14:1-16

Lord, those who have gifted You with extravagant gifts from Your birth to burial have captured our attention, but everyday we hear You asking us what is it that we can give You today.

Lord, let us be counted among those who have worshipped You with extravagant gifts out of our deep gratitude for making us part of what You are doing in our generation.

Your Word

Why do we need to carry the Word of God in our hearts? Why do we need to teach the Word of God? Why do we need to obey the Word of God? Mark 13:28-31

Lord, Your eternal Word gives life, restores lives, and transforms lives; thank You for calling us to teach and preach Your Word.

Lord, thank You for calling us to preach and teach Your eternal Word, we cherish the Word as the lamp unto our feet and light unto our paths.


What is that we give to the Lord to which He says, “you have given everything?” What makes us give like that? Why  cannot we give like that in every aspect of our lives? Mk 12:41-44

Lord, let our giving to the Lord be holy so that we give all we had to live on in every aspect of our lives, just because You are our life and our life is hidden with Christ.

Lord, You are “El Roi” the God who sees it all-even the areas of our lives that we are afraid to give all that we had to live on; we surrender let Your grace captivate that area as well.

The Word

How do we value the knowledge of the Scripture?  How do we value the power of God? Or do we only value our perspectives of realities? Mark 12:18-27

Lord, we admit that we spend more time to talk with others about life issues than meditating and pondering Your Word.

Lord, often we err but do not know it because we neither know the Scripture not its power; Open our eyes, that we may behold wonderful things from your law

Is God Our Lord?

How much authority we have given to Jesus in our lives? Does He have the authority to question our priorities? Or will we find excuses or loopholes to disapprove His authority? Mark 11:27-12:12
Dear Lord, many times we have contradicted ourselves by calling You Lord but following our will; forgive us and give us grace to acknowledge You as our Lord and savior.

Dear Lord, even though we call You Lord, give us grace to allow You to be the Lord of our lives, to guide, question, warn and redirect our paths.

In Danger

What is our confidence in the midst of violence? When in danger, will we pray for victory or for God to teach His ways? Will we be  able to wait for Him? Ps 27:7-14

Lord, let us value our relationship with You so that even in danger, our only desire is to seek You to teach Your ways and wait for You.

Lord, when we feel being alone, let the cry of our hearts is to seek You to teach us Your ways and strength to wait upon You.

Let my Eyes See Your Beauty

What is our desire when enemies are about to devour us? How can our   our hearts not be troubled when we smell danger? How can one praise God by foreseeing the safety God will provide?
Ps 27

Lord, when I see danger, let my trust in You draw my heart to yearn to be in Your presence to gaze upon Your beauty.

Lord, when I see danger, I can become desperate but I proclaim my trust  in You and my desire to gaze upon Your beauty.