Being with Him to Do things for Him

Which comes easier to you: to be with the Lord or to do things for God? Can we opt one and neglect the other? What happens if we opt to be in His presence but do not serve or just serve devoid of His presence? Acts 6:3-7

Lord, let us value time in Your presence because  it equips us to serve Your people with wisdom and the Holy Spirit.

Lord, when we receive applause for acts of service,  no one may see our time in Your presence, but give us grace to see our time with You as a significant investment for Your Kingdom.

Godly Convictions

How do you differentiate actions prompted by conviction which are godly and ungodly?  Do we forget God sometimes? How can we have convictions align with the Word of God? Acts 4:32-5:11

Lord, may we carry Your love in our hearts and Your Words in our minds, so that we will develop godly convictions.

Lord, give us grace to be sensitive to Your purpose every moment so that every action will reflect godly convictions.

The restoring God

When we had done something that displeased God, how quickly did He speak to us? How has our understanding of God helps us to repent immediately? Even when He carries out His verdict,  how will we respond? 2 Sam 12:13-23

Lord, thank You for Your provisions to make things right with You when we err, we submit ourselves to Your ways to restore us to You.

Lord, search me to see if there is anything that displeases You, quickly restore me to You as  Your mercy always triumphs over judgement .

Holy Spirit

How often do we  thank God for His gift, the Holy Spirit? As a follower of Jesus, how often we pray for Acts to repeat in our nations? Will you be among those who wait on the Lord for such a visitation of the Lord in our generation? Acts 2

Lord, thank You for the incomparable gift of the Holy Spirit;  we continue to keep vigil for Acts to repeat in our generation.

Lord, we are often comfortable with the daily routine of Christian activities but we ask Your Spirit to disturb us to keep step with the Spirit in our generation.

Who Decides How to End Your story?

What is our attitude as we do something as a follower of Jesus? How will we encourage others for a task? After all the effort, will we leave it to God to decide the end? 2 Sam 10:1-12

Lord, as we encourage each other to be strong and bold to do mighty things for You, we allow You to do what is good in Your sight.

Lord, as a follower of Jesus we encourage each other to be strong and bold for You and Your people, but we allow You to decide how to end the story.

How far do we allow God in our lives?

How will you see God’s involvement in our activities? Is He just the helper or is he also our leader and guide? How will we allow Him to be involved in our lives if we have such perspectives? 2 Sam 5:17-25

Lord, You are our Lord and the helper but we want to see Your presence, power and purpose to live out through us.

Lord, when we face life, we don’t want to limit You as our helper but we will live our trust in You as our Lord and Master.

He Will Lead us

Have you felt weak because others have sought to do evil for your promotion? How will you stay clear of the consequences of such actions? Who is your stronghold to fulfill the promises of God? 2Sam 3:22-4:12

Lord, when we feel weak because those around us are quick to react, we turn to You to lead us in the way everlasting.

Lord, we want to stay clear of all wrongdoing as we walk towards fulfillment of Your promise because the One who promised is just and righteous and  He desires to lead us in the way everlasting to fulfill the promise.