We Need You, Lord

What could we ask other than wisdom to help us to walk uprightly before God? What is that stops us from walking in the ways of the Lord or obeying God? Will one or a few costly sacrifice and offering help us for our daily renewal? I Kgs 3

Lord, none of Your gifts can replace our need for You,-Your presence, and Your power in our lives, so more than any gift we seek You as our reward.

Lord, we realize that no gift is a substitute for your presence, power, and purpose in our lives to direct our paths to walk uprightly before You and obey You.

Trail Blazer

What is the one less travelled path which God is asking you to walk today? What if many others cannot see it as you see? Whose attestation is of significance to us? Acts 10

almost invisible between the moss covered stems of trees on mount kemiri in the leuser national park in northern sumatra.

Lord, even when we don’t have any clarity about  why you chose us to journey through the less traveled path, give us grace to blaze the trail with humility.

Lord, to be a trail blazer is Your calling, so may we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit each moment of the way.

Who Gets Credit?

What kind of emotions arise in us as we see talented people to support our interest? Will we delight in them or will we delight in the Lord? Whose hand  brings protection and whose hand brings calamity? 2 Sam 23:23-24:17

Lord, we acknowledge that talented people among us are placed among us for Your credit,  forgive us if we ever tend to see them for our credit.

Lord, let our hearts never delight in the talented people among us because it is You who gave them to us and You who direct our ways to success.

God overwrites Our Fear

How many times have we thought that the end has come? Were there times when others saw only our end? Who can overwrite what God has decided? Acts 9:20-31

Lord, we carry on our day with faith in You that no depth or height can overwrite what You have decided about our future.

Lord, You daily overwrite our fear or others schemes with Your plan and purpose for our lives.

Unhappy Life Situations

Which are the life situations that makes us too unhappy with God? Are you allowing our thoughts to wander as you linger on it?  How will you get out of this oppressive situation? Ps 73

Lord, as soon as we notice that our minds are wandering away from You, we go into Your presence to align our thoughts with Your purpose for our lives.

Lord, we rush into Your presence to clearly perceive when and how we have taken detours from Your purpose for our lives.

Express Our Zeal in Godly Ways

Have our zeal for God cause us to act in ungodly ways? How will we discern whether it is our bias or it is indeed God? Have we disowned Him in our eagerness to defend His work? Acts 7:54-8:1

Lord, forgive us because in our zeal for You and Your work, we allow our bias to overpower Your wisdom.

Lord, give us grace to daily bathe our zeal for You and Your work with Your presence and purpose so that our actions will reflect Your thoughts and ways.

Focused Prayers

How do you pray? Do you say specific and focused prayers or do you pray in general? What is the significance of naming the situation in our prayers? 2 Sam 15:31, 17:5-14.

Lord, give us wisdom to pray focused prayers in different situations, to name the situation and take authority over it in the name of Jesus.

Lord, we don’t allow to be swallowed up by challenging situations, rather take authority over the situation in Your name and pray specific and focused prayers.