His Invitation

Even after walking with Him for quite some time, have you been caught unawares by His actions and words?  In spite of it, have you sensed the depth in the relationship He wants with us? When we misunderstand Him how can we avoid drastic actions which are detrimental?  Matt 26:6-30

Lord, often we misunderstand Your actions because we think from an earthly perspective, yet You invite us to enter into a deeper relationship with You.

Lord, may our ears heed to Your invitation to enter into a deeper relationship with You before our misunderstanding leads us to detrimental actions.


Can Any gifts Overwrite Losses?

Is there any kind of gift to overwrite the pain and agony of losses? How can we be at peace even if we are blessed more in the latter part than the first when losses involve children? What is the key to experience peace? Job 42:7-16

Lord, humanly speaking we cannot make sense of any loss even if we are abundantly blessed afterwards, but we realise our life is meant to be a life of surrender.

Lord, when losses have utterly shattered us we continue to surrender so that we may be stewards of the blessings You have given us after the losses.

male hand erasing something with eraser

Desire to Follow You

How will you will you answer the question, “What do you want?” Is it something that will help you to follow Him better than before? Or is it something to help you look better than before? Matt 20: 20-34

Lord, many times our requests are based on our desire to be better than before and nothing to do with the desire to follow You, thank You because You still answer our prayers.

Lord, when we bring our concerns or when we intercede let our requests reflect our desire to follow You better than yesterday.

Guard Our Mouth

When painful things happen, can being with others help us to make sense of it? Can our lament as reply to others comfort us? Will knowledge of who God is of any help to us? Job 7-10

Lord, when we don’t know how to respond to difficult situations, we often open our mouths to speak on Your behalf things that are not pleasing to You; forgive us, O Lord.

Lord, when we don’t know how to respond in a difficult situation, put a guard on our mouth so that we don’t speak words that are displeasing to You.

While we Console Others

Will self righteous talk help when people are in trouble? Does talk that uplift God by putting down people who in trouble bring healing? Will anyone believe the uprightness of those who  bear unimaginable loses? Job 4-7

Lord, while we try to prove the righteousness of God to those in pain, we often miss to see their agony and grief; have mercy on us!

Lord, we don’t want to miss God when trying to console those in pain either by being self-righteous or by uplifting the righteous of God.

Worship, the Only Response

Imagine a father who offers 10 burnt offerings every day for each of his 10 children! What will it do to such a man if he looses all of his children and all his belongings in one day? What do we say about a man who worships God when he could have prayed “my God, my God why have you forsaken me?” Job 1-3

Lord, we don’t know how to handle loses, big or small; teach us to fall to the ground in worship in the midst of it.

Lord, we may not have the spiritual sensitivity to fall to the ground in worship, when we have lost everything even after offering many “burnt offerings”every day for long years, but teach us to seek Your radiant face even at times we feel like You have turned Your face away from us.

Then a Slave, now a Dignitary

When we journey in shame, and fear like a slave, will we ever dream about leading a journey on the same road as a dignitary? Who will do this miracle? What will control us then: distressing memories or trust in God? Gen 50:4-14

Lord, let shame, fear, and distress never snuff out our trust in You who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

Lord of wonders, God of might only You can create beauty and fruitfulness out of our dark and void past, so we bring our thoughts and pretensions under Your obedience.