Being a Stranger

How often we feel that there is no human support while we obey God? How often do we feel like being left alone in every step? What caused our patriarchs and matriarchs to bear the loneliness as they stood for God? Heb 11:1-6

Lord, I guess the feeling of left alone as we obey You and take steps of faith need to lead us to examine whether we are in the faith instead of compromising our convictions.

Lord, thank You for the lives of our foremothers and forefathers who took steps of obedience in faith even as the world around them moved in the opposite direction; thus they lived as strangers in the land of living.


Radiance of Your Face

When pride wells up in our hearts, do we think how God sees us? When we feel lowly, how does God perceive us? When the anger of foes rise up in the midst of trouble, how do we see the work of the hand of God? Ps 138:6-8.
Lord, our Savior and our Sustainer we believe that we don’t have to be anxious of anything in our lives but have to be careful to please You in every thought and action.

Lord, we want to see not only Your hand moving in favor of us when we are in danger but also the radiance of Your face because we are considered lowly and we choose to be lowly.

Facing Desertion

How will we face desertion? What if it is when we are in a limiting situation? Will we continue to do what we have been doing: equipping and encouraging others to follow Christ without any remorse? 2Tim 1:13-18

images (7)1968579177..jpgLord, when others dear to us have deserted us, we continue to stand by You to fulfill Your calling on our lives; help us to persevere with joy in the Lord.


Lord, when others walk away from us out of fear or shame, we commit to stay close to You, the faithful One, who will complete the work for which You have called us.


A Pondering Heart

How often we think of our past to express our gratitude to our savior? Where would we have been if it was not for Him? Do we become tempted to feel better than others just because of our transformation? I Tim 1:12-17

Lord, give us a humble heart to images (1)1478601031..jpggratefully ponder Your mercy which caused a 180 degree turnaround in our lives.

Lord, we take time to think of Your mercy and love that brought about transformation in our hearts to desire to be Yours forever and to lead others to the joy we found in You.

Chosen to do an Irrational Act

What if God chooses us to do an irrational thing to showcase His plan? What if we know that we will die before we see the  fulfillment of that plan? What words will we use to express our predicament to God? Jer 32:6-25

Lord, the Sovereign  creator and sustainer, we don’t understand why You have chosen us to do something that seems foolish but we surrender with trust in Your power, love, and might maxresdefault280660743.jpgknowing that there is nothing too hard for You. 

Lord even when You choose us to showcase something that is seemingly impossible, we declare every minute that there is nothing is too hard for our Sovereign Lord.

As We Wait

Why does God wait for His time to work in our situation? How will be able to persevere during the waiting time? How will we remind ourselves about His promise? Jer 29:10-15
images (2)972755485..jpg

Lord, we cannot understand why there is an appointed time for Your promise, but we pray to “stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”

Lord, while we wait for You to appear in various painful situations, we don’t want to take our eyes off of Your purpose, so we pray “stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”


Spiritual Well-being

How often do we pray that our eyes will be opened to see the Word? Or ears to open to hear the Word? Or our hearts to be the good soil so that we will bear fruits that will last? Ps 119:17-24images (1)2143857675..jpg

Lord, we pray for our spiritual well-being, our eyes to be opened to see the wonderful things of Your Word, ears to be opened to receive it, and hearts to be prepared to produce fruits that will last.

Lord let our love for You and Your Word consume all the gifts that You have given us or will give us so that we will keep coming back to You and Your Word.