Pray and Then Act

How will we respond to the misery of your people? Will our comforts blind us from moving towards our destiny? What will we do when we carry the burden? Neh 1,2

Lord, we carry Your burden for the people and nations in our generation, never let our comfort hinder us from hearing Your call for our lives.

Lord, when we hear about the difficulties of Your people we first enter into Your presence and then into action so that we will not be burdened the weight of the action.


Awesome God

What thought comes to your mind about God as He who binds the wounds of the brokenhearted is the One who determines the number of stars? If He doesn’t delight in the strength of  horses, how will we order our inner lives? If He is for the humble how will we carry ourselves? Ps 147

Lord, all we want is to worship You with awe,  wonder, and humility and adore You every minute.

Lord, You are the great and awesome God who binds the wounds of the brokenhearted, who determines the number of stars, who sustains the humble, and delights in those who fear You.

May we carry the presence of the Immanuel wherever we go!

Being Torn Inside

When you cannot bear the sin of the people around you what will you do? Will our self-righteous anger rise up at that moment or  will we humble ourselves? What motivates you to do so? Ezra 9

Lord, we cry with You when we see sin and brokenness in our people, may we carry Your pain for those who ignore Your love and redemption.

Lord, when we see apathy, sin and brokenness around us let us be torn inside and humbly seek  You, our savior and redeemer.

Why do I Study the Word?

Who knows what God wants us to do as we devote long years to study the Word and obey it? Will we do it even if we don’t see why God is preparing us in that manner? We want the gracious hand of God to be upon us, but will we take the pain that goes along with it? Ezra 7

Lord, even while I am living in an land away from my Promise Land and don’t know Your blueprint of my life, let  the study of Your Word and obeying it be like a burning fire shut up in my bones.

Lord, I know You delight in those who seek You and honour those who obey Your Word, but I study the Word and obey it not for any reward but just because I want to carry Your heart.

Experience His Might

Will we be amazed by what only God can do if everything goes well with us?  Is God trying to teach us about His might by allowing impossibilities in our lives? So what will be our prayers when we face problems? Ezra 6-7

Lord, we might not have experienced Your providence and might if we were not cornered and threatened, so our prayers will always be to reveal Your glory and power.

Lord, when we face closed doors give us grace to not to retreat rather persevere to witness Your might to open doors and provide through those who have closed the doors.

The Lord is Working

Does initial favour indicate smooth sailing towards the fulfillment of His plan? What if there are delays and attacks? Will they swallow our vision to be part of His team to fulfill His promise? Ezra 4:1-24

Lord, even when faced with delays, attacks, or opposition, give us diligence to continue to obey the call of the mighty God whose arms are not too short to save.

Lord when delays, attacks and opposition come, let our eyes continue to behold Your wisdom, might and power working for us to fulfill Your promise.

The Able One

Which is more important to us-right behaviour or pure heart? Have we wondered if there is a checklist to shape our hearts according to His plan? What is our promise in this context? Jude 1:20-24

Lord, rather than modifying our behaviour, we pursue building ourselves in faith, to pray in the Holy Spirit, sustain in Your love, and show mercy to others mixed with fear knowing that You are our stronghold.

Lord, when You ask us to do something naturally impossible-to change our heart not just our behaviour, You remind us of Your ability to keep us from falling to present us without fault but with great joy in glorious presence