Then a Slave, now a Dignitary

When we journey in shame, and fear like a slave, will we ever dream about leading a journey on the same road as a dignitary? Who will do this miracle? What will control us then: distressing memories or trust in God? Gen 50:4-14

Lord, let shame, fear, and distress never snuff out our trust in You who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

Lord of wonders, God of might only You can create beauty and fruitfulness out of our dark and void past, so we bring our thoughts and pretensions under Your obedience.



Have betrayal caused bitterness? When will we be able to have a godly perspective of our misery? Even though we live with the pain and sorrow will we able to forgive the betrayers? Gen 45,46

Lord, let us see all betrayal and misery through the God-given dream for our lives knowing that it is Your Kingdom principle that betrayers will be blessed by those who are betrayed.

Lord, let not the pain of betrayal and isolation cause bitterness and revenge rather let it build in us godliness.

As We Wait

How long will it take for the dreams of God in Your life to be fulfilled? Will you sit idle till its fulfillment or will you be faithful through out the journey towards the fulfillment? Who is your companion to share your groaning, pain and shame? Gen 43,44

Lord, when Your dream about our lives becomes our dream, we wait in faith for its fulfillment; not let the the pain and shame we bear as we wait slow us down or make us idle.

Lord, as we wait for the fulfillment of Your dreams in our lives, let us not carry any remorse or regret to discolour our faith and faithfulness.

Our Prayer

How will you pray when the godly is no more?   What is your prayer when the faithful is being vanished? Who is your protector in such a situation? Ps 12

Lord, we cry out to You for help as we see the godly and the faithful are no more around us, arise O God, be the shield and defender to the oppressed.

Lord, we wait for You to arise as our protector and defender when we perceive that the godly are no more and the faithful have vanished.

When We Are Silenced

What kind of stories have silenced you or shattered your integrity? When you have to swallow every pain in loneliness, will we cling to Him? Have you wondered why there are unending problems in life? Gen 39

Lord, even when all the stories that have been framed to question our integrity are being echoed and re-echoed, make us part of Your story in our generation.

Lord, You be our voice and hiding place when many frame stories to silence us and to question our integrity.

Carry the Dream

Where have your dreams taken you? Why does  carrying the God given dreams cause hurdles? Will you let of of our integrity for survival?
Gen 37

Lord, sometimes carrying Your dream can deplete our strength, but let it burn like fire in our bones so that our eyes will be fixed on the dream-giver.

Lord, when You deposit Your dream in us, let us also see the strength and grace available to us so that we will face threatening situations with peace.
Gen 37

Your Hand

What would have been our life if God hadn’t intervened when shame and terror was over us? Why did he do so even when we were at fault? How often we thank God for such times in which God protected us supernaturally? Gen 34, 35:1-14

Lord, again and again we are reminded about Your hand upon us and our situations to supernaturally lead us to the destiny when we really didn’t deserve it.

Lord, repeatedly we confess that it is Your mercy, not our merit which has redirected our course to reach our promise even when we were drifting away from the path.