Another New Year Wish

As You begin the New Year, what are the impossibilities that you perceive? Which is the area which looks dark, empty and formless? Which is the area that God is asking you to step out? Gen 1,2, Matt 1:2, 18-24

Lord, as we begin the New Year fill our hearts with faith, hope to step out to do the work of God and to proclaim the Word of God in obedience to witness You calling to existence that which do not exist.

Lord, this New Year we trust in You to work in us and through us the might of Your works and Word to redirect the destiny of people, events and  nations as we respond to Your call to step out in faith.


Will You or Won’t You?

Will you be called His son or daughter? Will you be an overcomer or not? Will there be a thirst for Him and His ways?  Rev 21:1-8

Lord, everyday we ask our souls questions that are pertinent to our eternity: “Today will you thirst for God and His ways? Today will you pay the price to be an overcomer? Today will you choose Him as your God?

Lord, against all odds we daily choose You as our God, we daily thirst for You and Your ways, we will be among those who have overcome sin, self and world.

Our Accomplishments and Repentance

How do we see repentance? When God has worked through us to rebuild ruins, will we look to see if there are any areas which need renewal? Will we be among those who lead our community to recommitment?

Lord, we who were once used to fulfill Your plans are not ashamed to publicly acknowledge and repent when we sin against You in our decisions regarding our children, our finances, Your sanctuary, our tithes and offerings;  have mercy on us.

Lord, we don’t want to spiritualize what You have accomplished through us in the past and become blind to see how we have now turned our backs at You in our decisions regarding our children, our finances, and Your sanctuary.

Let us Praise You

How often do we take time to simply praise God? Is praise part of our  regular prayers? How long will it take if we were to count all His goodness which we have experienced just in one generation? Neh 9, Rev 19, Ps 147

Lord, we praise You, daily set apart time to praise You because salvation, glory, and power belong to our God, true and just are Your judgments.

Lord, You are enthroned on the praises of Your people; so let our prayer time may not be just petitions but also praise overflowing from a heart of gratitude, wonder and awe as we remember Your true and just judgments.

The Kneeling Exegete

What will you do after everything has settled down? Will we turn to the Word or to the world? Will we pray that God will send people who are  sold out only to God to illuminate our mind through the Word? Neh 8

Lord, as You prepare our hearts to turn to You, we prepare ourselves to receive You; we pray that You will raise up many among us who are completely sold out to the ministry of the Word and prayer.

Lord, as You prepare the hearts of the people to receive Your Word, we commit ourselves to be ready to instruct them by being sold out only to You and preparing ourselves by giving attention to the ministry of the Word and prayer

You are all I ever needed!

How will you carry on the work if opposition and intimidation are the tactics to discourage you? How will you respond to those who communicate about you to those who try to hinder your work and vice versa? What is the source of wisdom and strength to work towards completion of the work? Neh 6

Lord, You are our everything,-our wisdom, strength, protection and we declare that we only have You not out of desperation but with trust knowing that You are all we ever needed.

Lord, let Your face shine brighter and brighter  to our eyes when we face various hindrances to the work for which You have called us so that we will see You as our wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father and prince of peace

Pray and Then Act

How will we respond to the misery of your people? Will our comforts blind us from moving towards our destiny? What will we do when we carry the burden? Neh 1,2

Lord, we carry Your burden for the people and nations in our generation, never let our comfort hinder us from hearing Your call for our lives.

Lord, when we hear about the difficulties of Your people we first enter into Your presence and then into action so that we will not be burdened the weight of the action.