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Blessed with an Eternal Family

Time has come to say bye to my son again. The one week we spent together was a blessed time of renewal for our soul and spirit. It was indeed the answer to my daily prayer.

Tossing Thoughts

As I packed his breakfast my heart became heavy and my mind tossed between two thoughts: My son needs to be where God wants him to be;  how can I not see him for such a long time?

He Knows the Painimages

Immediately another thought flashed into my mind. Jesus knows this pain. I was reminded of His mother Mary who stood outside the temple hoping to see her son. Later on Jesus was away from his home for almost three years. Being on the road means being away from the safety and security of His home and His loved ones. However, being on earth means away from the safety of heaven. Where will He sleep?  Where will He eat? Who will provide for him shelter and food? Neither His mother nor He knew the answers for these questions.

Family Away from Home

But definitely His heavenly Father knew the answers. Being away from heaven or from His earthly home never meant away from the presence of His Father. Besides, Jesus clearly knew that He had many mothers, sisters, and brothers away from His home who do the will of the Father just like He does.

Clarity for the Voice

I was just thinking about how I will miss my son quite ignoring how my son would feel being alone in another country.  I could not see how the thought “Jesus knows the pain” can bring comfort to a mother grieving over the imminent separation from her son.

But as I write this blog it became clear that Jesus wanted me to see the turmoil that may be in my son.  I am being filled with the assurance that God will surround him with many who do the will of God and they will be his family away from home.

Indeed an Eternal Family

As long as we are in the will of God, our heavenly Father will provide for us many mothers, sisters, and brothers. They will be our eternal family. So my prayer for my son, “O Lord, may he always stay in the will of his Father. “

Posted on Aug 22, 2015


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