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10 Life Lessons on Being a Homeowner

One morning as I woke up, a thought welcomed me, “what have I learned on being a homeowner?” Besides my parents’ home and my husband’s parents’, I have lived in 4 rented homes and two homes which I called our own. All homes varied in sizes from two rooms to many rooms. I have stayed in the homes of family and friends as well.
I offer the top ten lessons to you as a source of inspiration to search and see what you have learned. This does not mean I have learned everything and finished learning. I hope to be still learning. But for right now, these are what I have. For this one I searched my heart to see which ten I would include. For right now, enjoy reading and pass it on to others.

  1. It is not the designing or decorations that make the house beautiful but the people who invest their lives in each other through love, trust, and honesty.
  2. Do not worry about how spectacular our house is as we invite friends and family, may our hearts reach out to them in sincerity and serenity.
  3. It is not in the rich cuisine you serve that your friends are satisfied but the warmth they feel in their spirits.
  4. Our home can become a home for others only if we are thoughtful.
  5. Love all our neighbours but draw clear boundaries.
  6. As we open our home for others, never allow our own to always feel ignored.
  7. The chinaware or the expensive dishes are not just for special guests but also for us to enjoy with kith and kin.
  8. If bricks and wood were to testify let them echo stories of forgiveness more than strife.
  9. There is nothing called the dream house. Every house big or small will eventually be our dream home as lives are weaved together through times of joy and tears.
  10. Never get our hearts fixed on any home; see it just as a temporary shelter as we will move on to our eternal home sooner or later.

Please share lessons you have learned in the comments.

Posted on Nov 20, 2014


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