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10 Life Lessons on Being Human

Here is my list of Life Lessons. They are lessons learned from various experiences. I offer them to you as a source of inspiration to search to see what life has taught you.

This does not mean I have learned everything and finished learning. I hope to be still learning. My top ten will change as I grow older. But for right now, these are what I have. Do not think I had a heart breaking search to write these. Not at all. It just flowed as I began to scribble in my note book. Enjoy reading and think of what life has taught you.

  • Rejoice with all your heart when others rejoice.
  • Stay close to those who suffer even if you have no words of comfort to offer. It is not the time to dig out the past to discover all whys and what ifs.
  • Life is not meant to be lonely. There are many who enjoy your company.
  • Once you’ve helped someone, learn to walk away. They do not owe you anything.
  • Those who have helped you, learn to be thankful regardless flaws you may discover later.
  • Life is not a rat race; so enjoy the smile of a baby, smell of jasmine, touch of loved ones.
  • You do not have to get ahead of everyone all the time in life. Stand back and watch how others enjoy when they achieve something important.
  • No need to always explain when you are misunderstood. If it is to be settled it will, otherwise it will develop resilience in you.
  • Blessings in your life are never to be hoarded. Sharing gives you an opportunity to witness others enjoy their lives.
  • You will often find yourselves in dead-end but that is not the end of your life.

Posted Oct 22, 2014


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