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Blessing the Children Around Us: Women Who Saved the Lives of Infants

For next couple of blogs I would like to look at a few women who have blessed the lives of children around them. Many of us might haven’t heard much about them. They are not in the limelight of many of our sermons. Yet what they did for children were so unique that their names are mentioned in the Bible. This blog is about two women who blessed many children by saving their lives.

Imagine living in a country where the king has decided to eradicate your race. With the help of his advisers he found that you are the key person to accomplish his plan. You were invited to his court. He shared his plan to recruit you to a cruel plan of killing innocent boy infants as soon as they are born, on the birth stool itself even, before the mother sees the baby. Your heart began to beat fast. The king did not expect your consent, once said it is a command.

I can imagine Shiphrah and Puah, (Exodus 1:15-21) the Hebrew midwives walking out of the court discussing what to do. They believed that they have an option which is to disobey the king and let the boys live. The simple reason was that they feared God. Their fearless acts saved the life of many boys who lived to see the deliverance of God during Exodus. These women indeed lived up to their names. Puah means “splendid” and Shiphrah means “brightness” in Hebrew. Together these splendid women brought brightness into the lives of the children and their families in the midst of danger. Thus they became part of God’s plan for the nation of Israel.

They are waiting for you

What did their actions say about them

  • When the king decided to kill these innocent boys, these women decided to let them live.
  • When the king’s deceleration meant death of the boys, these women’s decision was life.
  • When the king decided to bring sorrow to the family, these women decided to be a channel of happiness.
  • When the king expected these women to fear him, they chose to fear the king of kings, their God who is the giver and sustainer of life.
  • The king expected them to be a curse to infant boys, but they decided to be a blessing.
  • When the king wanted them to be part of his scheme to eradicate God’s people, they wanted to be part of God’s scheme to make the people numerous.
  • These women rejected the kindness of the earthly king and became a vessel who received kindness from the eternal king. He established a family for them.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, God wants us to be a channel of blessing to children who are destined to die. They may be living in poverty with regards to money, education, love, security, and care. If you look around there are hundreds of girls and boys who suffer injustice from the hands of those who should be protecting them: parents, teachers, family, neighbors, and community. Many see them as nuisance and a burden. But you and me are the ones who are there to change the destiny of these children.
Let us step out of our comfort zone. God only expects our readiness. He will do the rest. Be like these fearless women who blessed many children who were not even their own.

Written Sep 21, 2013


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